Our Mission

The “Ten Thousand Trees in Ten Years” was established by the Marco Island Beautification Advisory Committee and approved by the City Council to improve the island’s beauty, environment, safety, property value and residents’ well-being by increasing the tree canopy on the island. The average coastal city in Florida has more than three times the tree coverage of Marco Island. Many parts of the island have less than 10% tree coverage. Together, we can change that. Your contribution will provide a living legacy for generations to come!

Let’s plant 10,000 trees and leave a living legacy!

While the world talks about the negative impact of urbanization, Marco Island will be talking about we are expanding our natural resources, attracting more wildlife and improving the quality of living for our residents and guests. Marco Island will represent a model for how a community comes together to create a vibrant urban forest, a canopy of trees where none existed. We have the opportunity to make an important difference for everyone.

What a difference a tree makes!

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